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KAGO Shoku Sports Co. Ltd.  "Let's Learn Sports Nutrition!" Webinar (All done in Japanese)

Importance of Evidence Based Research: Why evidence based information is important in sports nutrition?

Evidence to Practice: How to find a reliable sources and case studies

The Truth about the Ketogenic Diet: Is it effective for athletes?

Gut microbiome and Gluten: The truth about gluten free diet

Train the Gut: Is it possible to train your gut?

Kinetikos Co. Ltd.  Contents Provider

Podcast: Sports Nutrition in the U.S. and Evidence Based Nutrition

Articles: Athlete's Plate, Sports Supplement, Ketogenic Diet, 

Nutrition for Immune Function, Gut Microbiome and Gluten, etc.  


Sports Integrity LLC. English Teacher for English Program "EAT" 

Provide one-on-one English lesson to elite athletes including Olympians 


Globall F.C. Co. Ltd.  Nutrition Advisor 

Nutrition advisor for contracted athletes, provide nutrition seminars specifically for soccer athletes

Australia Institute of Sports & Australia Catholic University  Supernova Sports Nutrition Research Camp 

Supported as one of the staff for Supernova Research Study (Effect on performance on Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diet for elite level race walkers) as a dietitian and a translator 


Other Seminars 

Kagoshima Kanoya University Sports Nutrition Program 

Tokyo College of Wellness Sciences 

OTOMO, Co. Ltd. 

Euphoria, Co. Ltd.

St. Mary’s International School

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