English for Sports Professionals

This is a personalized online English lesson specifically for Japanese sports professionals including dietitians and athletic trainers.


English becomes very important in order to learn about the latest evidence-based research. 

Additionally, as the athletes become more elite in their sports, 

there will be more training camps outside of Japan and may need to accompany with the team, and thus it would be impossible without being able to speak English with other staff. 

In AFC English for Sports Professionals, we will match with the appropriate teacher with appropriate level of English.

Teachers are all sports dietitians, so not only can you learn English in our English lesson, but you can also learn about their country's specific sports practices and nutrition related questions.

Steps to start English Lesson


Contact us

Contact us and let us know that you are interested in our online English lesson.


Try our initial trial

We will talk for about 30 minutes. 

Here, we will assess your level of English to figure out the best lesson and the teacher for you.


Match the student with appropriate teachers

The teachers are all sports dietitian from all over the world, so you get to learn English as well as nutrition support from other countries. 

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