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More evidence based information into sports nutrition practices in Japan

We've created this study group in order to enhance knowledge and research in sports nutrition in Japan and eventually help improve status.

Eventually, we would like to make a platform where dietitians and other professionals can help each other to provide the best nutritional strategy for athletes.

Finally, we would like to make more positions that sports dietitians can work full-time.  

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What is "The Library for Sports Dietitian?"

The Library for Sports Dietitian is a free private group to learn about the latest evidence based nutrition strategies and hold discussions within the group. 

We share the latest sports nutrition guidelines and research articles (including Japanese and English) and discuss it all in Japanese. 

This all happened in October 2019 when I met another sports dietitian through social media who studied IOC courses in sports nutrition.

Even though we never met in person, as we both have experiences learning nutrition outside of Japan, we realized and strongly sympathized the fact that Japanese dietitians are very behind on nutrition education and the nutrition practices for athletes. 

There are many reasons for this, but one of the big reasons may be the fact that most dietitians are not familiar with evidence-based nutrition information. 

In addition, it can be difficult to learn new evidence as it takes time to find a reliable information and comprehend research articles written in English.

This is why we decided to create a study group platform where dietitians from all over Japan could learn about evidence-based nutrition information.

Here, we picked out a topic and appropriate research articles every week and often translate it to Japanese, and discuss the articles within the private group.

As a result:

  • There are over 200 dietitians and other sports professionals in our group (as of July 2020)

  • The group was introduced in PINES (Professional in Nutrition for Exercise and Sports)

  • We are making a difference in nutrition strategies for Japanese dietitians 

  • We provide regularly scheduled online seminar for Japanese dietitians

But because we would like to enhance the group even more, 

we decided to create a small group within The Library for Sports Dietitian called "the LOUNGE".

In this small study group, people can practice and learn how to apply evidence-based information,

discuss any problems and/or questions you have from work, and create new ideas from collaborating with other professionals. 

スポーツ栄養士の図書館 vs. スポーツ栄養士の図書館LOUNGE