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Our Athletes

Rika Fujiwara

Rika Fujiwara

Former Professional Tennis Player

Miyabi Inoue

Miyabi Inoue

Professional Tennis Player

Akane Hosoyamada

Akane Hosoyamada

Doro Kensetsu Peregrine Ice Hockey Player Pyeong Cheng Olympian

Nutrition Coaching

​Through our nutrition coaching, I am committed to help my clients make a positive, sustainable changes. Whether to improve your performance and/or to manage your weight, I want to empower you to adopt habits that place you on a happier future!

Steps to Start Nutrition Coaching

1. Contact&

Coaching Trial

After you have contacted us, you will experience 30 minute coaching trial and hear about your goals

2. ​Assessment

Purpose of the assessment is to learn about your lifestyle and figure out what we can change realistically

3. Personalized Plan

Personalized nutrition plan are provided as well as helpful resources to help achieve your goals.

4. Follow Up

Follow-up is important to check to see if the plan is working,  need to adjust, and/or if we could add more goals. 

Nutrition Advising

Internet contains a plethora of nutrition information.

As your personalized nutrition advisor, you can easily ask through text and/or receive a consultation anytime along with some helpful resources. 

Steps to Start Nutrition Advising

1. Contact Us

Contact me to make an appointment for nutrition advising. 

2. ​List up topics you want to know

List up specific topics you would like to know about nutrition through email. 

3. Receive nutrition education

Nutrition education is provided along with helpful resources. 

4. Ask any questions through LINE

We are happy to answer any questions, small or big, anytime through LINE. 

Differences between

Nutrition Coaching vs. Nutrition Advising